My husband and I love to say, “in the face,” for no reason at all. We’ll say, “Pet the dog – in the face.” Or, to a remarkable story we’ll reply, “In the face?” I guess it started when we were whitewater kayaking and I got a black eye (pummeled by a rock when I rolled/capsized) … in the face. So, when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said to teachers union, “You deserve a punch in the face,” I couldn’t help but take note.

Let’s face it. The face is a good news angle. Take Tom Cruise, for example. Was he sucker punched? The UK media is questioning whether Cruise knows, “I Can’t Feel My Face,” a song he lipsynched on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, is about cocaine. Celebrities love the lipsynch trend so tie them into your media pitching. The public loves celebrity news and so any type of celebrity activity makes for appealing news stories. Now, you know I focus on news stories that make a difference and entertaining (not educational) hooks like these might not be your first pick, but people simply love to be entertained. Face that fact.

We probably love lipsyncing because it reminds us of middle school talent shows. It provides a laugh. Media contacts prefer lighter news when it comes to feature and lifestyle articles and segments. However, they have to cover the dark news today. Breaking now, which we unfortunately have to face, is two brothers who allegedly murdered members of their family with a hatchet in Oklahoma City. A shooting takes place at a court house. And a cop killing is news today from Memphis.

Even humor and darkness mix in today’s news. Amy Schumer joins Sen. Schumer to tackle gun violence. They’re cousins. The comedian is in action after a tragic movie shooting during a screening of her movie, Trainwreck.

Don’t forget health stories about the face, too. Like this debacle with natural sunscreen from Jessica Alba.

So, whether you take a lighter or heavier angle, just get out there. Be … in their face.