Viral videos, like this one that captures a baby seeing its parents clearly for the first time, not only warms the heart, but also sets the stage for great media pitching. Can you see clearly now that the viral rain is gone?

Any viral video makes for great fodder for media pitching. In this case, it’s about babies and glasses. Parents would want to know tips on how to see signs on whether or not their baby is seeing clearly. If you’re an expert who can teach these tips, you’re valuable right now to media contacts.

Here are ten other viral videos. Angles include all the popular angles for media pitching. For example, one is about pets. (Great for vets.) There is also technology angles. (Great for gadget experts.) Pranks set the stage for underlying social commentary about human behavior. (Counselors, authors – you get the idea.) Job security. Celebrity behavior. Food. Music. Politicians. Movies. They’re all in viral videos!

So, the next time you share a viral video, ask yourself to see a bit more clearly the underlying social story being told and why it hits a cord with so many. Now, you too, can see clearly!