You might think my blog post is about drug lord “El Chapo’s” second prison escape this week. Chapo translates to “Shorty.” Nope, it’s not about the prison escape. Instead, it’s about brevity being the soul of wit. Yes, I love Shakespeare and many will love this week’s literary news about Harper Lee. Media read short pitches and that’s what this blog is about.

Get short. I hope they get Shorty, too. However, what we’re talking about today is keeping your headlines, pitches, press release and more short. Brief. You can always link to more information and this way your media friends can look up details if what you’ve written interests them. Online press kits are a great way to do this.

Today’s news is about nuclear deals, escaped convicts, literary/sports/technology achievements and more.

Pitching media story ideas is easy. Here’s your short formula:

1) Pick your news angle.

2) Write 3 things you want to say about news from your expertise.

3) Top off tips with a great headline.

4) Link to your online press kit for more information.

Get short. You’ll get media coverage.