Notable people making mistakes makes headlines. In today’s news, Brandy has a subway fail. Uncomfortable, but hilarious, to watch. One guy offered advice to this Grammy winner, “You gotta go up there and engage the people. You’re too much into yourself,” he said. “You gotta go up and sell yourself. Don’t be scared. You got talent, man. Go for it! We’ve seen this a million times. You gotta do something different.” Brandy is currently starring in Broadway’s Chicago.

Trump continues to be in the news for his racist remarks, lead in the presidential race and his hair. People are “trumping” their cats’ hair. His recent PR ‘fails’ have been daily headlines since he announced his run for the presidency.

The crisis in Greece is still making financial headlines. Non-repayment of loans is a sure-fire fail.

NASA’s New Horizons ‘phones home’ after a blackout, reports CNN. Scientists often view fails as good news.

Prison officials are evaluating video footage of ‘El Chapo’s’ recent prison break in Mexico. Prisoners escaping jail? Big-time fail throughout history.

Planned Parenthood is also in ‘fail’ headlines, unfortunately. There is a probe after alleged sale of fetal body parts.

Think about your industry. If you hear a ‘my bad’ from someone in your industry, write a headline featuring their fail and get your commentary about it in front of news makers. Turn their lemons into your lemonade.