How strong are you? Running a marathon will inform you quickly about your personal strength, especially if you’re running the Boston marathon, still coping with the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bomber. I ran two marathons in 1999: Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon Anchorage Marathon and Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. I did both with Team in Training with the Leukemia Society and it was very rewarding. If you’re a well-being expert, doctor or author specializing in how to stay strong physically through life no matter what circumstance, now is the time to discuss exercise, nutrition and more in relationship to the Boston marathon. This news also has room for emotional well-being as people deal with the aftermath of tragedy and strive to move on from the horror two brothers inflicted on so many people.

Speaking of tragedy, another news story today involves this past weekend’s migrant boat disaster in which as many as 900 people may have died. If you work with immigration law, human rights or have anything to do with the migrant industry, the media will be looking for your statistics, sound bites and first-hand story accounts.

Today’s top news stories revolves around a lot of sports, actually. So, pick your favorite news hook and start running with it.