My rib’s been fractured since the first week of February. I have felt “caged.” I’ve not been able to go to my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dojo. Tonight is the first night back and I’m excited. Looking forward to rolling with my friends and a fan of MMA fighting, I was actually surprised to hear WalMart is not going to carry former Olympian, undefeated UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey’s book, “My Fight/Your Fight.  Her publisher and publicist are making the most of this censorship. Hmmm. I bet you too have lots of things to say about this. Don’t cage your voice, now. From women’s rights activists to book worms, the media can use your insights and commentary. If you’re an author on violence, marketing, shopping, consumer trends or the book industry, this story has legs for you.

Speaking of legs … I wish I had Ronda Rousey’s legs. This year she posed in Sports Illustrated. Body image, sports angles and teaching little girls about strong role models are all angles worthy of this storytelling.

In other news, Rand Paul is running for president.  Edward Snowden’s bust makes headlines. And journalistic integrity is all the buzz since Rolling Stone reported a rape that was false.

So, pick your fight. Get out of your cage. (Even if the corporate bigwigs try to censor you, there are plenty of other media fighters willing to share your sound bites, too.)