France is banning too-skinny models today. Problem is, what’s too fat and what’s too skinny? Yesterday was Easter and so many of us indulged in chocolate. (Confession: I had cheesecake. It was good too. And I’m not a model.) Given this news, now’s a good time for body image experts and those specializing in eating disorders or the modeling industry to come forward and offer their studies, statistics and sound-bites to media friends.

I’ve always teased my mother my food allergies are because she was instructed by her doctors to not breastfeed. Well, feeding babies is again in the news this week. Mid-March I reported on a study claiming breastfed babies make more money later in life. Now, like before, milk just isn’t what nature intended. Breast milk bought online seems to have cow’s milk. So, now you milk it. If you’re in the online industry, breastfeeding coaching or if you focus on food delivery of any kind, now’s your time to assist media friends who are calming the fears of parents who just want to do right by their babies.

World news includes hot button issues like nuclear deals. With news like this, no wonder why people are crazed with apocalyptic entertainment like The Walking Dead. March’s season finale buzz is still taking a bite this week. Political and pop-culture authors & experts can tie-in to both global and entertainment news right now.

Want media coverage this week? Well, hop to it! (Unless you ate too many sweets yesterday 🙂