The wrong bra can make international news. Tennis pro Eugenie Bouchard’s choice in underwear dominates the news today. She wore a black bra when rules permit ‘white’ tennis outfits only (there is a clause in contract which includes underwear). So, it’s really about rules which transitions bras to bros: enter Donald Trump again.

Trump is in the news again today regarding his comments and how they affect his contracts. Bros like their fights and Trump is no different. Especially if it’s over a model. Wait, that’s another story.

Bro fail: pilots invite a pretty model in their cockpit, let her fly the plane, take selfies and at the end of the day, get fired. Reminds me of yesterday’s Trump blog, “You’re fired.” The media is all fired-up about this story. (Yes, I did. Pun intended.)

Back to bras. Hillary Clinton’s in the news again today about her emails. Ladies, it’s a great rule to never put in writing what you wouldn’t want the whole world to see. That’s what I tell my staff.

Back to bros. Terminator: Genisys movie is out. Oh, and you know I can’t resist this obvious ending … get to pitching your media bros; skip the bras and tomorrow …

I’ll be back.