Loretta Lynn said, “I’m a big opponent of divorce. Why leave the nut you got for the one you don’t?” God, I love her. We’re both from Kentucky — that’s probably why I love that coal-miner’s daughter so much. Yes, my friends, dominating the news today is D-I-V-O-R-C-E. (Tammy Wynette‘s classic song about divorce s-p-e-l-l-s out why mommies and daddies spell words in front of kids during a divorce.) Spell this in your media pitches now: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner split after recently celebrating their 10 year anniversary. It is big news today.

If you have a public platform that provides tips on how to get, prevent or survive a divorce, now’s your time to shine.

Word is Affleck stayed friends with his ex J-Lo. Go? or No? If you have an opinion or expert insight into why people should or shouldn’t be friends with former lovers, this celebrity news is setting the stage for conversations of interest to millions of people and their families having to deal with ‘splits city’.

Other famous splits still in the news:  Trump and NBC. Trump is still making comments getting him in hot water. He believes golf should be for the rich elite, according to Fortune Magazine.

Driving a wedge between the rich and poor … that’s probably not a good presidential platform.

If you’re dating (before or after divorce) you might want to note this unique news coming out today. Seems blue-eyed people may be more likely to be alcohol dependent.  Hmm. Will you now not date any blue-eyed people for fear of ending up with an alcoholic? If that’s the case, I’d bet your local media contacts would like to quote you and this study.

Whether you choose a blue-eyed babe or not, be sure you build partnership in your family. Be careful of the photos you Tweet about your family and others. Actor Jim Carrey is in hot water today for Tweeting an image of an autistic boy, Alex Echols, of which he had no parental permission to use. Carrey is calling for “greener” vaccines now that California law requires vaccines for all children attending school in the state.

Division. It’s a hot point for public conversation whether it’s at the family, corporate or state level. Divide and conquer your media pitching today. {{Be sure to put a divorce joke in it too: What are two times when a man doesn’t understand a woman? Before marriage and after marriage.  Ba dum tssshhh.}}