Jobs are in the news today. Donald Trump’s jobs in particular. Running for president, Trump issued sound bites about immigrants that prompted NBC to say, “Trump, you’re fired!” Trump threatens to sue.

If you’re an expert in reality shows, job hires/fires or anything related to partnerships, here’s your opportunity to get in some sound bites of your own.

What I find interesting is Trump is standing behind his own sound bites about many immigrants being drug dealers, murderers and rapists.

It’s actually a good time for all marketing professionals to weigh in on the do’s and don’ts of creating sound bites. (Note to self.)

Chris Christie announces his desire for a new job in 2016: the presidency. His weight has always been a public conversation as many Americans who are obese worry more about obese leaders. It will be interesting to see how a Christie administration would move forward (or not) Michelle Obama’s “move” campaign.

Speaking of, Girl Scouts get to camp out on the White House in conjunction with Michelle Obama’s health campaign. I was a Brownie, myself. Those lucky campers! This news opens the door for all outdoor conversations in local communities. Get your stories, sound bites, stats and sightings to your local media contacts. Here’s an example of local news picking up the story from a camper’s perspective.

Even sports news is talking jobs today.

Be sure to get your sound bites out, though! Otherwise, you’ll hear these words: “You’re fired!”