Is sleep the secret to success? Can you be healthier, wealthier and wiser? News reports say yes. If you’re an expert who can provide stats, stories and sound bites on sleep, now’s your time to wake up media friends.

Wasabi Publicity clients, Drs. Roy and Joy Martina, did just that. They appeared on Charlotte Fox TV this past weekend discussing their book, Sleep Your Fat Away, which launches today.

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Buy the book and find out how you too can use sleep ‘brain training’ to lose weight, be successful and improve your focus and memory. It’s not only a book. It’s a process called “Sleep Your Fat Away” that deepens your sleep to improve brain pathways that lead to healthy choices during your waking hours. We’ve been pitching their medical and holistic psychological PhDs using this online press kit which scored a book mention at The Today Show November 2014. Glossy women’s magazines have also been anxiously waiting the book’s launch today. I couldn’t be more excited at such a successful book launch.

Unless you’re taking your daily power nap, peruse breaking news and pitch the media your industry’s expertise. Media friends say they rarely sleep. So, throw them ‘zomething zpectacular’ like tips to get more zzzzzz’s. ‘Nighty night.