Really? Now internet trolls are shaming beautiful women on TV for their baby bumps? It’s come to this, people. As I write this, I am almost at a loss for words. But that’s a source of news hooks: internet haters. Shameful and I loathe to give them any more attention, but unless we fight back as a society and do the right thing, it will continue. So, what is said on the internet that’s getting under your skin? This weather woman in Philly fought back at her haters. They called her a “sausage” and “disgusting.” Really?

So, this gives you lots of opportunity for sound bites: 1) Why do people ‘hate’ on the internet? 2) What does it say about them? About us as a society? 3) How does body image play into relationships? Work? Parenting? 4) How can you gracefully stand up for yourself?

Let’s see who else is hearing a “bump” and “roar” online in these news headlines today:

> This couple captures their puppy in baby photo shoot after getting sick of baby questions; it went viral,

> Income inequality still affecting our society,

> IndyCar racing industry in mourning today,

> Zombie fans get a “Walking Dead” spinoff,

> A police officer stops to help someone and ends up dead,

> Ashley Madison hack now fully affecting careers, divorces and more,

> Teens still upset by “One Direction” breakup, and

> Terrorists target ancient ruins of Palmyra (in Syria) temple.

News is often shocking and full of fear. How can you stand in your commitments and provide sound bites, stories and statistics that further love, understanding and communication? That’s why I get out of bed in the morning. My belly doesn’t have a baby in it, but it sure goes bump in the night when people are mean. How can you contribute to some good news today?