Breaking news is often shocking and if you’re wanting to make a difference in our news cycle, it is the thing to watch. Tie your public commentary into breaking news and you’ll impact the public conversation we’re all having about the media coverage.

In the news now: During a live TV broadcast, a reporter and her camera man were shot by a gunman who also worked in the media. Alison Parker’s screams while she is being shot are chilling and upsetting. As the story unfolds, media around the world will be seeking to understand the shooter’s motives, victim backgrounds and how we as a society can prevent such horror from happening again. If you can contribute to any of these, write up 3 points and present them in a pitch to your media contacts. Have your points provide an “aha” moment for viewers, listeners and readers of media. How can you make a difference for us as a society to put prevention in place?

Other breaking news now includes:

Donald Trump telling a reporter to sit down,

Colorado movie gunman, James Holmes’ victims speak out about his sentencing,

Hungary makes plans to cope with influx of Syrian refugees,

Seed giant Monsanto seeks to acquire Syngenta, the largest agrichemical firm, and

the McWhopper pitch gets nixed.

When news breaks, media friends need sources, sound bites, stories, summaries and succor. If you’re speaking solutions, the world will listen.