Today’s Word of the Day is: Lachrymose, meaning cry baby, or rather, given to shedding tears readily; tearful. When you see public figures crying you’ve got an instant news hook. Let’s see who’s crying today.

> Ashley Madison and their members seeking adultery like Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton,

> Subway franchise now that front man Jared Fogle involved in horrific crimes against children,

> One Direction fans cry over group’s split,

> People fear stock market crash (again),

> Anyone with an “anchor baby,”

> Church-goers aren’t even safe these days; elderly woman gets beaten,

> Washington fights massive wildfires,

but you know who isn’t crying? People saved by three Americans who stop a gunman in a train attack. France honors them the highest award for bravery.

Whether you see tears or cheers, that’s a news hook so include them in your media pitching today.