When you speak, are you speaking the language of “me” or “we?” It’s a great question to ask if you want press coverage. I represent both nonprofit and corporate clients. Nonprofit executives naturally speak the language of we. You won’t be surprised to learn corporate America leads with, “What have you done for me lately?” It’s just a cultural difference in how we grow and nurture the organizations we lead. Consider, the press prefers the language of “we” though and most authors, executives and thought leaders are leading with “me” not “we.”  If you can get in the world of “we” for the press, you’re in. ?

In my book, “21 Day PR Action Guide: The Who, What, When and Where to Launch a Successful PR Campaign” you’ll find on Day 2, page 11, there is an in-depth discussion about what the media really wants.

? Press people are:

  • In a hurry
  • On a mission to entertain, enlighten and educate
  • Do NOT like wasting time
  • Want info easier and faster
  • Want to be treated with respect
  • Meeting deadlines, all the time, day in and day out

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