In August, we completed the #21DayPRActionGuideChallenge powerfully with a discussion about how to leverage press placements. We used the example of the CNN placement one of the participants scored during the challenge. You can see the coaching call here cued up to the CNN placement we discussed: 

?? Here is the actual placement:

What we talk about specifically is backlinks and how they differ among:

  • Owned media (websites, social media accounts, blogs, newsletters)
  • Earned media (mentions in news coverage), and 
  • Paid media (advertising).

This is a key distinction in today’s internet-dominated marketplace. Any marketing professional today needs to discern these areas powerful to be able to control what you can and not fret about what you can’t control. ? Hint: You can control 100% paid and owned media. You cannot control earned media (press placements). 

If you’re wanting to learn more to leverage your own press placements, watch the clip above, see the rest at the Wasabi Publicity YouTube channel or join us for a new call Fridays, September 11, 18, or 25th at 1 pm eastern.    

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