Yes, today Lent begins, but I’m also dishing out tips on how to get media coverage on “lent news” as in get your angles lent to you. First, let’s deal with Lent. I was raised Catholic and if you’re like me, musicals, posts and jokes about being raised Catholic put a smile on your face. On the contrary, news about nuns helping homeless going homeless might put a frown on your face. In that case, get your sound bites written and get in front of news makers. Breaking news like this – whether it’s about nuns or not, let these news bites “lend” you ideas for pitching the media.

Religious events are great fodder for pitching media and getting social media buzz. Even though Americans separate state and church, there is a lot of Internet play about religious events. Catholics start eating fish on Fridays, give up wine and chocolate and more during Lent. If you’re a small business serving or providing fish, well then — instant “lent news.” Pun intended.

Other “lent news” today from the headlines includes politics, celebrities, and money. Review the news that fires the passion inside you, write down what you’d like to say and let that be in the inspiration that lends you media coverage. (Having fun is optional.) Amen.