God makes headlines. If you seek media coverage, take note of the Pope. This week, the Pope and Donald Trump are fighting. But who is Pope Francis to judge? Putting aside the Pope’s opinion, Trump made headlines when he misquoted the Bible. The Bible’s a great place to read stories about fights. When you see a fight in the headlines, let it give you a starting bell for a great pitch to get media coverage.

Another fight in the news this week is Kanye West and well, a lot of people. However, he seems to really have it in for Taylor Swift. Entertainment experts, authors on behavior or communication and social media professionals all have credentials to speak about West’s news. Oh, and let’s not forget the financial advisors. Since West made a plea to Zuckerberg for help with his debt, it’s a great breaking news tie-in for money management.

Financial advisors can also comment on the Floridian couple who waited to tell the world they won the Powerball jackpot last month. Their only fight is with fame.

Finally, the teen charged with pretending to be a doctor is fighting accusations he said he was an M.D.

All this fighting has me meditating more. Bet you didn’t even know that was an angle? Fighters using meditation. We could’ve guessed they used prayer.

Are you there God? It’s me, Michelle. I’ve got a headline to share. Please help us get ‘good’ media coverage to combat all the fighting in the world. Amen.