Rescue dogs are lapping it up at Starbucks to find forever homes. I lap up my coffee, cream and sugar every morning. And the Olympic gold medalists are lapping up PR attention, even if the PR’s not about their medals. It leaves me wondering, what do we need to say to media to get their attention? If dogs need espresso to get attention and gold medalists a controversy, what can average Joe and Janes say to “lap it up” in media coverage?

One way to get media attention is to tie into breaking and seasonal news. Short lead media like newspapers, radio and TV are planning back-to-school stories. Long lead media such as glossy magazines are already writing holiday and New Year angles.

Think about how you wish to generate attention in your life? Most people like to dish on dirty dishes or the gossip next door. If you’re wanting to get the masses to pay attention to you, might I suggest you dish about Thanksgiving angles, the Olympics, caring for baby’s success in school or how to save dogs instead. Much more worthy of your time, too. If you pay attention to the conversations that need solving society-wide, you’ll soon be lapping up media coverage on your cause, business or book. One more thing, when kids go back to school, mom hits the gym statistics show. So, if you can get your lap on by talking about laps, start swimming. Soon, we’ll all be lapping up your news tips, tools and tidbits.