In this series of posts, we will shatter some of the misconceptions around video production and hopefully inspire you to reach out for help to create content around your own authentic message.

MYTH #2: THE MAGIC FORMULA (Hint, there isn’t one)

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Many people like to think there is a magic formula when it comes to creating successful viral video content, but the truth is there is no formula when it comes to creating video that is watched, liked and shared. Perhaps the only thing all successful online video content has in common is that it evokes a strong emotional response; be it positive or negative, funny or sad… in other words, a story that resonates.

Here’s a video we created for an ongoing digital campaign of the story of a little boy battling Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) that evokes a strong emotional response:

JAZIAH’S STORY PART 1 | Central Auditory Processing Disorder (…

An isolated little boy finally gets help to battle Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). Do you know someone affected by this silent epidemic?

Posted by Forbrain on Saturday, July 2, 2016

Video content is like DNA. No two stories are the same. And in that vein, compelling video for your brand or message is unique to you and you alone. Don’t try and copy someone else’s campaign because it worked for them. If you want to inspire people to see the world differently and to view your product or brand in a whole new way, you need to create your own campaign and message that speaks to your audience and celebrates who you are.

Here are some questions you should be asking to clarify how video can work for you:

Video can help you land media placements, engage in social media and can be an extremely effective tool as part of a broader marketing campaign. Heck, it can even land you a TV show. But you need to be CLEAR on what your intentions are in creating that content. A promotional video for your website is going to be very different to a digital series crafted for social media.

Video content for social media is the perfect marriage of creativity and marketing but while it should capture your brand’s image, it cannot be overly promotional.

To be blunt, the hard sell is a turnoff to the viewer therefore your video needs to appeal to your target market without feeling like an advert. Product placement every 5 seconds just doesn’t cut it. A video with you sitting in a chair talking about your company is not likely to be shared. But a poignant and emotive story about how your product changed someone’s life for the better? Now that’s more like it.

So like everything in life, stay true to you and your beliefs and create authentic storytelling with a strong point of view. And you may just have a viral hit on your hands.

If you need help finding your voice and story, we are more than happy to help craft your narrative and find the perfect platform (or platforms) to share your message.

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What successes have you had using videos to promote your message and your brand?