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Storytelling and showcasing has never been easier than it is today. In this digital age, you and your brand can reach out effortlessly. I love the sheer prospect of this! Because now all you need is the power of video. The possibilities are endless for your story to shine through.

If you choose video to communicate your message, there are 2 key things to bear in mind before embarking on your venture. Think of them as markers that help your message take form and keep your storytelling crisp.

Be authentic

One, storytelling through video must essentially be a part of your PR campaign. Sounds simple enough right? You would be surprised how often we find clients who neglect videos in their PR campaign, be it due to budgetary constraints or demands. So first of all, erase that part out of your mind and repeat the next statements out loud (don’t worry if anybody thinks you’re cuckoo, after all, you’re just speaking the truth).

Simply because, in the end, all you really want to do is move people with your story. That is how you will get results. There is no way around it. So go ahead…find that message and the crux of your story. And from there, you are heading on the right track. Even just pick up your phone and start shooting. All I am saying is, you do not need all the bells and whistles to make it work if your message is easy to communicate.

Look, if you aren’t good with execution but you know deep down inside that your concept is crystal clear and it will make a difference in the world, then focus on finding a creative team to help you out.

Keep it short

The second most crucial thing is – the modern attention span. It’s short. Like REALLY short. Some data suggests that, if a picture says a thousand words then a video says a quintillion words!!! Ok, you got me, no data points to that but really haven’t you noticed how easy it is to capture your audience with the power of video. Which is why short attention spans and succinct videos are a match made in heaven.

Truthfully speaking, if you keep these 2 points in mind and create those videos for your PR campaign, you already have a winning formula.