Are you happy? Happiness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. My husband likes to ask me, “What do you love about your life today?” when he finds me complaining, which typically ‘harshes his vibe.’ While not a surfer, he is an avid mountain biker and whitewater kayaker. In fact, we both are. Were. In any case, mountain bikers and surfers are two peas in a pod when they view life. Surfers live to surf. Bikers/paddlers live to bike/paddle. It’s what makes us happy. Once my paddling friend called me to meet her to paddle the Pigeon River at about 5 pm on a Wednesday. I responded with a rant about why I still had to work. She simply replied, “Michelle, I don’t know about all of that. I just want to go kayaking.” I laughed. It knocked some sense into me. I stopped complaining and went paddling with her. To this day, we still laugh about that conversation.

What makes you happy? ?

When you’re not happy, what gets you present? ?

If you don’t have a husband or a friend to knock some sense into you, what can you create for yourself? I hope you’re surrounded by a strong community that calls you toward your goals. If you don’t have a community like that, consider ours with #21DayPRActionGuide. You can download our workbook at no cost, no opt-in during the pandemic at We’re meeting Fridays at 1 pm during August to support each other in scoring great PR coverage. The workbook is a great way to build and deliver a PR campaign that scores you print and broadcast interviews. Here’s what a participant said about last Friday’s call:

“I really didn’t know what to expect today but I am happy with what I have learned.” 

So, if you’re happy, join us. If you’re not happy, definitely join us to get happy. I believe happiness is a state of being — something you can call forth moment by moment. When my husband says, “What do you love about your life?” I always say, “Where I live. I live in the mountains and I love to kayak the rivers and bike the trails. They make me so happy.” My husband is happy to know he’s second in the happy equation. Without him, I might be left complaining at the kitchen counter day after day. Luckily, he asks me day after day, “What do you love about your life” so I can get present to what I love and forget most of what I don’t. 

What do you love about your life? ?

What type of community do you need to support your life? ?

Like happiness, PR is a state of being. You’re either in communication with the press or you’re not. If you’re communicating with the press, you’ll be interviewed. If you’re keeping your juicy stories to yourself, you’ll be complaining about other people being interviewed. It’s really that simple. So, how does one share stories with the press? That’s also easy. You share your news stories with online press kits, pitches, press releases, media alerts, and photo opportunity announcements. We went over these materials and discussed formulas in our last two August meetings. If you missed those calls, you can see them here at the Wasabi Publicity YouTube channel.

In my last blog, I promised I’d share the pitches that scored the placements listed in the blog. See that blog entry here. ?

I hope these trade secrets help you score all the happiness you deserve. I also hope to see you on a Friday call with me. We’re doing these calls to give back to the community so challenged in the pandemic. Get the support you need. Join me. ?

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