Yes, I’m revealing our trade secrets. The saying “spill the beans” comes from Greece when a jar of voting beans would be spilled. Just in time for election season, I’m spilling our beans for your PR success. You can see the formulas laid out in our workbook, “21 Day PR Action Guide: The Who, What, When, and Where To Launch a Successful PR Campaign” page 100. (To download the workbook at no cost, no opt-in during the pandemic, visit

In a future blog and in this Friday’s free PR coaching call, I’ll tell you which formula was used to score these placements:


Which of these recent following placements used which formula? Take your best guess. I’ll reveal the secrets here in a future blog and you can also join me on our Friday at 1 pm eastern calls. (Hint: Check this link for past and future calls.)

Can you guess which formula my team used to score which placements? I’ll be spilling our beans soon. So, check back here at this blog or join me for our Fridays at 1 pm eastern calls.

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