One of my favorite stories as a child was the city mouse versus the country mouse. Little Cozy Nook reads it for you here ? 

In this beloved story, children are taken through challenges city and country mice face. They are different! In the same way, city and country people also face different challenges. In your PR pitches, highlight those differences and provide solutions to those challenges to tie-in to political and pandemic breaking and seasonal news. I’ll teach you how. This Friday, October 16, 2020 at 1 pm eastern, I’ll host another #21DayPRActionGuide Challenge support call. During the pandemic, Wasabi Publicity is giving away its PR workbook at the media networking site I co-founded plus we are coaching you three Fridays a month on PR. This is our public service to help businesses pivot and get the word out during these challenging times. You can see past calls at ? Wasabi Publicity’s YouTube channel.

It’s Week Two of the October challenge. This week, we dive into clarifying your pitch in three sentences or less. So, come ready to this week’s call to practice your pitch! (? Register for call.)

First, pepper your pitches with search terms. I’ll explain why in the call! Hint: Journalists search their inbox months, even years, later.  This Friday, I’ll share what happened this week with a pitch I made in the Spring. It’s just now getting results with glossy magazines.

Second, geo target your pitches.?

For example, if you write a local pitch, be sure to put the location in it. If you can, distinguish 3 points. I literally just wrote this pitch. Perhaps this example will help you. I just pitched it to national broadcast producers. Tune in Friday to see if it generated any results for our client, Dr. Alan Lindemann:


Subject: [COVID & Rural Hospitals] ND-based Dr. Alan Lindemann on Time, Travel and Risk

Do you need a doctor to discuss how COVID is impacting rural hospitals?

I represent Dr. Alan Lindemann, aka ‘rural doc Alan’ who was telling me this afternoon (October 13, 2020, at 3:30 pm eastern) how he cannot find a hospital to take his patient because his rural hospital in his town, Elgin, North Dakota has no more acute beds due to COVID. Typically at 3, they have a need for 13. Even helicopter travel is becoming challenging for rural hospitals. In this video I quickly shot, he discusses:

1) Time challenges and COVID for rural hospitals

2) Travel challenges and COVID for rural hospitals

3) Impact and risk to patients in rural America.

Here is the 3 minute video I did with him so you can see him discuss this:

Here is the online press kit we prepared on Dr. Alan Lindemann:

To interview him, contact me. My cell is 828.817.4034 and my email is [email protected] or [email protected]. Twitter @MichelleTennant. Texting my cell will get you the quickest reply.


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