The most sustainable PR plans stay relatively small and can fit comfortably into the rest of your work and family life. For example, rather than maintaining relationships with thousands of journalists and reporters, as my PR firm Wasabi Publicity does, why not choose 10 media contacts to keep in touch with regularly? You might be able to land a TV interview twice per week, but twice per month may be more realistic based on the time you have and everything else you need to do. Create your bite-sized PR plan around your sweet spots (strengths, most enjoyable, best results, and so forth).

The past two Fridays I’ve been coaching DIY public relations enthusiasts in our October 2020 #21DayPRActionGuide Challenge. October’s challenge ends Friday, October 23, 2020, and you can find all the calls we’ve given away at no-cost, no opt-in at YouTube.

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Perhaps you prefer the written word. If so, check out my blog. I’ve been updating you in the pandemic on PR pivots and more: ?

If you haven’t downloaded the #21DayPRActionGuide workbook, we’re giving it away at ? during the pandemic for no-cost, no opt-in. It’s our way of giving back. This week, we’re talking about sustainable PR plans. On page 147, we cover it in-depth and we’ll discuss it in our Friday call:

1) Creating your PR game plan;
2) How to think bite-sized;
3) Forming a team for sustainable PR outreach;
4) How to find a PR pro (hint: email [email protected] if you need help finding someone in the network)
5) Why tracking your results matters; and
6) Ongoing public relations learning (hint: subscribe to and our friend

Finally, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Your PR WHY is the most important question at the start of each month as well, as at the end of each month. Did you move toward your WHY or away from it? Client expectations can vary widely. This week alone I’ve heard from clients the following:

  1. I don’t care about Good Morning America. ?
  2. Let’s just do radio interviews. ?
  3. I’m tired of writing but I’m also fatigued from the sound-bite game, why don’t we just book long interview podcasts now? ?

See, for each client, goals differ. If you’re not clear about your PR “WHY” the game change cannot be aligned properly. Think about the human body. One cannot walk properly if the back is not aligned and straight. For PR campaigns, if your entire team isn’t clear about the game plan and confident in the ability to execute on it day after day, my recommendation is to get back to the drawing boards. My PR workbook is one way to get you clear. Another way to get clarity is simply to talk about it. That’s what we’ll be doing in my next call. I’ll do a short lecture, break into groups and we’ll redo what we did in the last call that worked so well: I’ll coach-specific people to make the lesson truly come alive. In November 2020, we’ll be holding calls on the first Fridays at 1 pm eastern. So, mark your calendar now: November 6, 13, and 20. ?

? Happy pitching!