“Slavery’s over, stupid,” a man barked at me as I worked the Amnesty International booth in my college lunch building in the early 90’s. I peacefully said, “But it isn’t. That’s why I’m standing here to inform you.” He marched off, sighing. Confident he was right and I was wrong.

Two years after kidnapping, the first Chibok schoolgirl has been rescued from Boko Haram. She’s alive. She’s pregnant.

Slavery exits: for sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and labor. 80% of victims are women. 50% are minors.

I believe in having conversations that make a difference in the world. What conversations are you having in the world that’s making a difference? If you’re seeking PR, look to the problems our society faces and find a solution. I recommend looking to our girls. What problems are facing girls today? If you have solutions and tips for the community at large, make your voice heard. Ask for help in amplifying solutions that will end these problems facing us all.

Here are some headlines today to get you thinking about the kinds of conversations you could impact affecting girls:

Bimbo is not just a brand name on bread.

Girls vs Boys – tests show in US girls outpace boys

Video and its impact on child porn charges today: middle school girls charged

Bathroom BS: Male genitals in the wrong locker room? Shocking Charlotte Observer editorial


Unfortunately, today’s news is filled with opportunities to make a difference. Choose the battle you’re passionate about and #BringBackOurGirls.