The Orlando mass shooting has many on social media saying, “It’s time to act.” I’ve considered myself an activist since my college days of organizing Amnesty International chapters in Chicago so I wake up saying, “How will I take action today to impact the greater good for all?” So when Mathew Shurka called me this morning to say he had been contacted by an Orlando mass shooting victim’s family (they didn’t know their loved one was gay), I said to him, “Ready for action.”

If you’re pitching the media, you’re impacting the larger conversations we are having as humans. The stories we share and the stories we consume (take care what you’re consuming!!!) shape our lives. So, if you want to ACT to make a difference today, PITCH the media a story worth sharing. I do it every day and I’m clear I’m working for the greater good. And today, it’s about love. I’m pitching Mathew Shurka, his story to ban conversion therapy and how at a personal development course at Landmark he came to forgive his father, his homophobic high school bully and work for global acceptance – his life’s passion. I’m honored, Mathew. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to support you and share the story of love. First love, then act.