How To Land Brag-Worthy Media Coverage

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Look, we can likely all admit, part of the thrill of getting a great media placement or interview is the bragging opportunity. Sure, media coverage establishes credibility and builds trust with existing and potential customers, but there’s also something really rewarding about landing brag-worthy media coverage and seeing yourself quoted or featured in a highly [...]

Recipe for PR Success

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If you're looking for the best recipe to score earned editorial media, look no further than your kitchen. Actual food recipes are in high demand by newspaper, magazine, and blog editors. Wasabi Publicity client Olivette is a riverside community and farm near Asheville, North Carolina. In the first year of the PR campaign, educating [...]

The Truth About Press Releases

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As with most things, technology has made the world of PR both easier and more complicated. Back in the day, there was a clear path to landing your dream PR placements. You’d either hire a publicist to call their handful of media contacts, or you’d send press releases to let the world know about your [...]

PR Case Study: Fast Company | My Quest for the Best Podcast

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Earlier this year I was the featured guest on Bill Ringle's podcast, "My Quest for the Best" on how to master earned media. I described my book, "21 Day PR Action Guide" and promised I'd post this free access to the book. In the #MyQuestforTheBest podcast, Bill and I discussed how PR can catapult your [...]

Fuel Your Business: How Changing Your Environment Can Spark Evolution

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Too often in business and in life, we don’t see the water we’re swimming in. It’s just the water. Take the koi fish, for example. In captivity, they grow small because they have no adversity. When in the wild, the koi face lots of adversity (like other fish wanting to eat them), so they grow larger. [...]

Hybrid Media Opportunities Are Changing The PR Landscape

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There’s no denying that hybrid media opportunities are rapidly changing the PR landscape, increasingly blurring the lines between paid, owned and earned media. These three broad categories cover all media: paid media, which is advertising; owned media, which includes marketing assets like a website, blog and podcast; and earned media, which is driven by public relations [...]