Today in China it’s “Singles Day” and stores give discounts to people wanting to “treat themselves.” It’s a great idea, I think. Especially for single ladies. Hold that. For ladies. In fact, holidays are a great news hook. Whether it’s Veterans Day, Black Friday or Singles Day, the media covers holidays and more.

I represent “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” foundation. 39 million people participate annually to inspire children to connect their school work with future work paths.

If you’re thinking you need short lead media coverage (think radio, TV) then go with holidays happening this month. If you’re wanting long lead media coverage (think magazines and print) then go with holidays happening next year.

Personally, I’m going to go treat myself to “singles day” today even though I’m not single. (He put a ring on this finger 😉 I recommend you do the same (treat yourself) singing this favorite song I use in one of my Spinning class mixes I use at the gym by Beyonce: all the single ladies. Single or not — people put a ring on it! Commit and get your holiday related media pitches out there people. We just want to be inspired, after all.