Notice food drives everywhere? Someone stole the organic, gluten-free brown rice farina I left at my gym’s food drive for the needy. I kid you not. I was talking to the gym receptionist and she said, “Yesterday a lady grabbed some food and said she didn’t know where to get that item so she’s going to take it. She said she’s going to return it, but you know she’ll probably return a 50 cent bag of cheap rice.” I paid $6 for that farina. And I love that farina. So I brought another bag this morning to the gym and replaced it. This time, I taped a note to the top that said something like, “This is for the needy, take a photo and look it up online or you can buy this at the local grocery store — look in the flour section.”

Can you believe this actually happened?

She may say she’s not a thief. Others, including me, would disagree.

I do live in the South and brown rice farina is a healthy version of grits. Perfect for breakfast. Delish with butter. Nice next to chicken with some cheese in it. Yum. I guess we can’t blame the woman, that much. Or should we. Okay, the nuns who taught me well in grade school would have spanked her knuckles with a ruler and then some.

People, it’s World Kindness Day. Let’s forgive this one and say it’s kind to let her have the farina.

In other news, people thought a homeless woman was about to burglarize their cars, but when police showed up, she got new shoes. She started to cry. Her earlier foot hopping was just because she was trying to stay out of the sun. The 18 year old homeless woman has been homeless since she was 12. Now, that’s the way to celebrate kindness today.

How are you celebrating kindness today? Let the world know and you too can make headlines. But, hopefully the headline isn’t, “Stop thief.” 😉