My mother’s visiting me and my Siberian husky licks her chops every time my mom walks by her. My mom noticed this lately and I said, “Could it be you give her a treat every time you look at her?” My mom laughs. We’re all this way, though. When we get conditioned to ‘lick our chops’ because a need is filled, we anticipate licking our chops the next time the opportunity rolls around.

So it is with seasonal news. Media are obligated to talk about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and all the December light holidays [insert your faith here]) so be sure to leverage all seasonal news. They also cover fall, winter, spring and summer. Weather and food trends fit this category as well.

Here’s Chef Richard Arnold from Hallelujah Diet in just one holiday TV segment I placed last year to give you an example on how to seasonally leverage your media coverage.

Let’s see who is licking their chops in the news today?

It’s easy to capture the media’s attention and ultimately, the public’s! Just create tips to release stress through the holidays, food safety or prep, or even weather-related know-how. Include these tasty morsels in your pitch and like, Lou Lou my Siberian husky, your media contacts will lick their chops too when you pass by.