These tips can serve as a starting point for those interested in starting a social media campaign, and a refresher for those already involved with social media.

1. Watch what you say: When you use social media for your company, your personal life becomes public. Be conscious of what you put out there, so there is nothing in the social media that you wouldn’t want your bosses, clients, customers and coworkers to know about you.

2. What out for the Paparazzi: Closely monitor what your friends post about you. For instance if you are tagged in an embarrassing photo at a party over the weekend, make sure you are immediately untagged. Remember, everything in Google is searchable.

3. Be Mindful of the Company You Keep: When you are representing your company in social media, don’t communicate personal philosophies, politics or preferences that could alienate people. It is fine to infuse your personality as long as it is consistent with the overall brand of your company.

4. Share What’s Positive: For example if you are representing an internationally known soda pop company and their themes are fun, happiness and inspiration, you can share things that are fun and inspiring and bring happiness to people with a flare of your own personality

5. Make Connections: When someone on social media has a question, concern or need, don’t play hide and seek. Listen out for when people are seeking to connect and put them in touch with the person in your company who can help them.

These tips work because social networking is all about building community. Just like the community you live in offline, the people who have credibility online who are those who engage others and provide value for the community.