NEWS HOOKS Total Eclipse of the Heart

My heart be still. It’s rare Mother Earth is trumping news but with her triple play today, everyone’s excited. It’s the first day of spring, there’s a solar eclipse and a supermoon. See the eclipse online since most of us can’t view it due to weather conditions being too hazy. Plus, you’ll avoid eye damage, like those in Europe who got solar retinopathy. Cue experts who can comment on medical conditions caused, influenced by or intensified by weather conditions. Today, the media needs those medical sound bites as well as all science geeks whose hearts get a pumping when celestial spectacles take our breath away.

Don’t forget the crazy makers. There is plenty of Sci Fi news surrounding energy patterns and how they affect human and animal behavior. If you can talk about, media friends will want to hear from you today.

The triple play in our weather patterns captures most of our attention, but here are a few other shocking news items. A pregnant woman’s baby was cut from her womb, Georgia State upsets most people’s basketball bracket picks, Israeli elections heat up foreign relations debates and the Boston Marathon bombing trial still leaves us all a bit teary eyed and shell-shocked. For these shocking items, the media will need mental health specialists, sports pros, history/political science professors/authors and legal pundits.

I know. Many people say they don’t watch the news because it’s depressing. Well, as you celebrate your world and the sun, I wanted you to have a gift. I learned about Happify yesterday. Like Luminosity helps you with brain training games, Happify helps you overcome negative thoughts, worries and everyday stress. I am not associated with either of these apps, but I like apps that empower your life. You know what else empowers your life? What you say. Today, the first day of Spring, think about all the seasonal tie-ins you can give your life, work and words.

Spring into action.

Spring cleaning.

Weave the energy from spring into your everyday conversations and then try them out with your media friends. If you’re a relationship expert, how can you “spring clean your love life?” Counselors and therapists might suggest “emotional detoxes” to prepare for summer love. What about a love angle using Bonnie Tyler’s song, “Total eclipse of the heart?” Too much of a stretch? Maybe. (Humming)  Turn around, bright eyes. Now and then I get a little bit  … once upon a time I was falling in love now I’m falling apart .. nothing I can say, it’s a total eclipse of the heart.

Turn around bright eyes … but not to the point you get solar retinopathy..  (Ahem. Where were we? Oh, yes. Spring angles. Daydreaming is also a good angle this time of year. Can you say cabin fever?)

Of course, there’s the obvious one. Spring clean your house. Time for the organizing professionals to be in front of news-makers with quick tips so we all keep a clean house. Spring is in the air.

Let it lift you up. And the conversations you share.

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