Breasts are still in the news today. Breastfeeding that is. So, if you’re an educational or medical professional who can weigh in on all-things breastfeeding, now’s the time to pitch yourself to media friends.

Yesterday in my blog entry, “God, Dog and Basketball,” I reported on a new study that links breastfeeding with making more money later in life. The study purports breastfeeding raises the IQ of the child. Great. I already blame my mom not breastfeeding my brother and me as the reason for our food allergies. (Thanks doctors from the 70’s who told my mom bottles are better than breasts.) Now I can blame her for me not being able to remember what I promised my staff last week. My poor mother. In her Bavarian accent she religiously says about those doctors, “Schhtupid advice.”

Thanks to the report, last night and this morning, my husband and I have been watching the news and to explain the motivation behind stupid choices, we’ve looked at each other and said, ‘ Aw, maybe he wasn’t breastfed.”  I’ll admit it, I said it after watching a news story about this guy whose driver’s license has been suspended 68 times.

Now you can do it too. Just another way to understand why people are the way they are. ((Be nice! Some of us were raised in military bases where our mothers were told bottles trump breasts. “Schhtupid advice.”))

If you’re a medical or educational professional who can talk about the pros and cons of breastfeeding, now’s your time to get into the public conversation about how long children should breastfeed. I went to college in Chicago at DePaul and I remember the hippy who owned the small health food store I frequented breastfeeding her son until he was seven. We thought that was too long. What do you think? Tell your media contacts. They need sound bites, statistics and stories.

If breasts aren’t your area of expertise, and no I don’t mean as a hobby, then perhaps you’re into sports. March Madness is still hot with the media currently tracking, discussing and monitoring all things basketball. Today, they’re even talking about work productivity being hindered, the uptick in vasectomies so men can stay home to watch sports and how people are filling out their “who’s going to win” forms. Businesses can share with media friends their first-hand workflow dip experiences. Thought leaders can offer their best 3 tips on how to inspire productivity.

British budgets are capturing the world’s attention today. News headlines even put George Osborne in ladies shoes and tight denim shorts. I like it when media venues have fun with serious topics. Budgets are big. So, if you teach it, experience it or share about it, now’s the time to get your opinion about budgets – local and global – in front of  newsmakers. Tax time is right around the corner so practically everyone is thinking about money, budgets and making ends meet. Put your ‘two cents’ in. (Pun, definitely intended.)

As I wrote yesterday, politicians are still making the news. In my PR Tips blog entry last week, I talked about why media training is necessary: not for public speaking purposes, rather to strategically craft your messages. Oh jeez. Poor Ben Carson is in headlines again today. This time he is in the news not for slighting gay people, but this time for being confused about foreign policy. Oh. Maybe he  wasn’t breastfed. Ba dum tss.