Shift Your Thinking For PR

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Don’t you just love when you're crazy busy and out of nowhere the universe delivers exactly what you need? So does the media. One of my favorite things I tell clients (because it has them go “hmmm”) is while they’re paying us, we really work for the media. This might seem like a strange [...]

Using Headlines & Hooks To Grab The Media’s Attention

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My business partner Michelle is one who bravely goes where no man has gone before. I’m not a Trekkie, but I admit I’ve been watching Star Trek on Netflix recently. As our Chief Creative Officer, Michelle is in the trenches with the media day in and day out; the one that leads our team at Wasabi Publicity to produce [...]

Media Menu

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I'm headed to the National Publicity Summit soon. Here's a media menu of our clients, also listed at Find last minute sources at Wasabi Publicity's claim-to-fame is online press kits. This blog saves schlepping supplies to & from summit. Enjoy. Sandra Joseph: The Phantom's Christine "Unmasks" in 2018 for 30th anniversary Josselyne Herman Saccio: How To [...]

Mind Trap: Do You Suffer From Overly Creative Disorder (OCD)?

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When people are stuck, especially entrepreneurs, the problem is rarely a lack of ideas. We’re a creative lot. The problem is we often have too many ideas. We suffer from Overly Creative Disorder – which, trust me, is a lot more fun than my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but still leaves us stuck in the sand. [...]

A Roadmap to Getting Unstuck

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Will and I spent a winter in Croatia. (Side note: if you haven’t been, go! It’s a spectacular country.) We’d spent a few days in Split and we were heading down to Dubrovnik for the rest of winter. We were all set with a map, there were road signs, and I’d printed the directions. For [...]

What’s Important To You?

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If you read my post Freedom From Your Mind Traps you might have discovered you know someone who is stuck in the Over-Thinking Mind Trap. You may know this person very well [wink]. In my book, Destination Aha! Becoming Unstuck in Life and Business, I take the reader through several exercises to free themselves from [...]

Are You a Back Stabber?

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Are you a back stabber? Spin back stabbing stories to news we can use. How about 'back stabbing' tips to relieve knots, shoulder pain and tight traps? Watch this hilarious online video, "60 Second Stretches to Get Knots from Shoulders, Upper Back and Traps" from Bob and Brad (self-declared) the most famous physical therapists on the internet. [...]