Shift Your Thinking For PR

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Don’t you just love when you're crazy busy and out of nowhere the universe delivers exactly what you need? So does the media. One of my favorite things I tell clients (because it has them go “hmmm”) is while they’re paying us, we really work for the media. This might seem like a strange [...]

Using Headlines & Hooks To Grab The Media’s Attention

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My business partner Michelle is one who bravely goes where no man has gone before. I’m not a Trekkie, but I admit I’ve been watching Star Trek on Netflix recently. As our Chief Creative Officer, Michelle is in the trenches with the media day in and day out; the one that leads our team at Wasabi Publicity to produce [...]

Media Menu

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I'm headed to the National Publicity Summit soon. Here's a media menu of our clients, also listed at Find last minute sources at Wasabi Publicity's claim-to-fame is online press kits. This blog saves schlepping supplies to & from summit. Enjoy. Sandra Joseph: The Phantom's Christine "Unmasks" in 2018 for 30th anniversary Josselyne Herman Saccio: How To [...]

Mind Trap: Do You Suffer From Overly Creative Disorder (OCD)?

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When people are stuck, especially entrepreneurs, the problem is rarely a lack of ideas. We’re a creative lot. The problem is we often have too many ideas. We suffer from Overly Creative Disorder – which, trust me, is a lot more fun than my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but still leaves us stuck in the sand. [...]

A Roadmap to Getting Unstuck

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Will and I spent a winter in Croatia. (Side note: if you haven’t been, go! It’s a spectacular country.) We’d spent a few days in Split and we were heading down to Dubrovnik for the rest of winter. We were all set with a map, there were road signs, and I’d printed the directions. For [...]