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For 30 years, Drew Gerber has been inspiring those who want to change the world. As the CEO of Wasabi Publicity, Inc., lauded by the likes of PR Week and Good Morning America, he sparks "aha" conversations that lead to personal and business success. His PR firm is known for landing clients on Dr. Phil, Oprah, Anderson Cooper, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, and other top media outlets. Wasabi Publicity lives to launch conversations that make a difference and change the world.

What sells a house… helps sell YOU!

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What sells a house… helps sell YOU! The most important selling point of any property is location. And it is equally important when you are trying to sell yourself. Most real estate agents and brokers fail to see that the equivalent of beachfront property for selling themselves is right in front of them every day. [...]

5 Tips To Get Some Love From Bloggers

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When it comes to promoting your book you can’t forget about bloggers. Successful bloggers have a targeted and engaged audience that you would love the opportunity to reach out to. Whether it’s self-help, green-living, finance — you name it — the people who follow these blogs look to the blogger as someone who represents their [...]

List Building 101: 4 Easy To Follow Tips On Building Your Email List For Your Book

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Dr. Bradley Nelson - a holistic physician who treats physical pain, disease, mental and emotional problems by releasing trapped emotions, the unseen emotional baggage we all carry from hurtful life experiences - hired Wasabi Publicity to launch both a traditional media campaign and build up his social media presence to promote a special live event [...]

How To Leverage Media Coverage to Grow Your Business

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There’s no question you aspire to take your business to the next level. But where the doubt lies is in how to do it. You may have tried networking, Internet marketing or advertising only to come out in the end with fewer clients than you expected and more expenses than you anticipated. You want to [...]

Christmas in July

By | 2016-10-13T16:38:09+00:00 May 17th, 2012|

Well, it’s not really July yet, but it is time to think about the holiday season if you’re pitching glossy, national print magazines. I like to prepare a “round-up” of current clients and story ideas I have available for my media friends. Once I start working directly with the media contact, I then customize the [...]

Get Personal

By | 2016-10-13T16:38:09+00:00 March 23rd, 2012|

Do you share personal information when you pitch the media? From gruesome to glorious, the media needs to know your personal stories. It’s what adds depth to the segments they’re producing and the articles they’re writing. I even had a Good Morning America producer say to me once, “I have the doctor I need to [...]

Honk If You Like Social Media

By | 2016-10-13T16:38:11+00:00 August 1st, 2011|

Here’s a lesson in what NOT TO DO in social media. Last week I made this amazing iced coffee using Starbuck’s VIA Instant Iced Coffee product. It’s pretty good. So I added the photo to my Facebook page for kicks and posted, “Honk if you like iced coffee.” It was fun. A lot of people [...]

Social Etiquette 101

By | 2016-10-13T16:38:11+00:00 July 13th, 2011|

No one rolls with manners better than Southerners. I mean, they invented hospitality and graciousness. Being from Utah, I’ve been completely schooled in manners since I moved here. The way Southerners think is amazing and good manners really enrich your life. I think that one of the mistakes people make when reaching out to the [...]

Bloggers Make the World Go Round

By | 2016-10-13T16:38:12+00:00 July 11th, 2011|

The reason most people blog is because they have a passion for what they do. They want to share their posts with others who have similar interests. Bloggers have changed the face of media, so engage them. Believe me, they can get the word out that you’re hot stuff. When you’re working to establish relationships [...]

If Colby Did It, So Can You

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An important (and sometimes uncomfortable) fact about PR is that the media doesn’t care about you. Don’ t take it personally—they don’t know you or anything about what you’ re doing, so they have no reason to be interested. At least until you give them one. Or preferably several. What they do care about is [...]