I am very passionate and excited about where I live (Hint: I live in the most beautiful city in Europe….Budapest). And here’s why I believe that your physical surrounding is mission critical to the success of your business.

Often times we greatly underestimate how important our physical environment is to our well-being. Here’s the thing: it affects not just your well-being but that of your business as well and it’s not just about the visual experience, but also about the emotional experience of it all. How does it make you feel? How does it affect your mood and energy? Because ultimately that carries over to the forefront of your business, customer service.

Customer service will make or break your business! So how do you provide game changing customer service?

For starters you need to be excited, you need to be happy and enthusiastic about your physical environment. It gives you energy and has the potential to excite you and turn you on.

So what are your physical environments giving you? For example, your apartment, your commute to work and your office space. How do these contribute to your joy and satisfaction, and enable you to provide great customer service?

Now is a good time to take a moment and do an assessment of your physical environment. What are the aspects you love about it and what are the things that don’t inspire you as much? Because if you are happy, then your clients are happy.