I think what’s made the biggest difference for me when it comes to success — whether it’s the success I’ve achieved through Wasabi Publicity, Publicity Results, PitchRate.com, or success in reaching personal goals — is that every day, I’m in action. I’ve made a personal commitment that every day, before my coffee gets cold, to do something that will move me one step closer to a goal. It may be something as simple as emailing a producer or deciding that today I’ll approach three new potential partners. This sets the tone of success for the day.

And my goal for today will be to teach you guys some science. Lets talk about potential energy, kinetic energy and inertia. Quit with the groaning. This’ll be short and to the point.

Potential Energy: We all know people that have huge potential, but they seem to be stuck. They’re smart, they have great ideas, but they never seem to take off. All their energy is stored, waiting, but for what?

Kinetic Energy: Then there’s those folks filled with kinetic energy, the energy of motion. They’re the Verbs, the action words in our lives. Truly successful people fall into this category, and have focused their energy toward achieving goals.

And lastly, there’s Inertia: The resistance of a body to change its state of motion. A body full of potential energy, waiting for something to make it go kinetic, will probably spend its life waiting. A body full of kinetic energy will keep moving towards it goals, achieve them and move on. It’s pretty obvious which camp its better to pitch your tent in.

Being in action every day — taking that step before my coffee turns cold — is what’s made the difference for me and has put me in opportunity’s way to inch me forward. And it seems to have made a difference for my students too.