Sure the Pope is dope and he’s addressing the United Nation’s about how the war on drugs is not dope. Lest the double entendre confuse you more, the take-away from today’s news is ANY dope conversation is an instant news hook. So, whether you’re dope or on dope, that’s of interest to media friends.

I blog about how to have “aha” moments in your journaling and reflections so you can not only make a difference with your personal chit chat, but you can also make a mark with your public and professional conversations.

It’s easy to roll: 1) Lay out the news. 2) Sprinkle in your own sound bites, stats and stories. 3) Fire it up in a pitch. 4) Share it with media, community leaders and others who can make a difference for all of us.

Let’s see who is on dope or who is dope in the headlines now:


  • Pope Francis lights up the world by visiting Ground Zero,
  • Speaker John Boehner gets emotional, stays bold (btw, any man who cries is dope), and
  • India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, visits Shark Tank.


  • Attorney Brian Perkins suing testosterone drug manufacturers,
  • Interest rates to rise, again, according to Janet Yellen,
  • FIFA President Sepp Blatter gets probed due to scandal, and
  • Now your oranges in scandal akin to drug lords as a Florida man harvests citrus illegally – 4 million pounds of your oranges, lemons, grapefruits and such. How will you get your Vitamin C this flu season? The black market?

So, when the kids around you call something dope or you read about a public person on dope, that’s a news story. Write down your reflections and if you’re a public person yourself, make a difference for our community at large by finding solutions to stay dope or get off dope.