Driving enjoyment = Fahrvergnügen. Or does it? When companies get in hot water, it’s an instant news hook for the media and public conversations. If you’re out to make a difference on a global scale, watch for companies making headlines to infuse your sound bites, stories and stats to influence stories we all share.

Volkswagen’s (VW) CEO, Martin Winterkorn, is not enjoying life’s drive at the moment. Diesel’s future may have been mortally wounded by VW. I know my husband is bummed. He wanted me to get a diesel for my next car since I drive a lot (in his opinion). I’m in the market to purchase a new car in the next 3 years so I’ve been watching the market on cars. As an outdoorsy girl who very much is committed to the environment, I am horrified by the news surrounding VW. My mother is Bavarian so I called her this morning to discuss the scandal – especially since she mentions to me almost daily how proud she is that Germans don’t allow for GMO’s. Well, there you have your priorities. Fast cars, but not fast food.

What other people aren’t “enjoying life’s drive” today? Here are some headlines to consider for your own journals. If you’re a public person with some great “aha’s” around these public issues, be sure to reach out to community leaders, media and solution-oriented people to make this world a better place for all of us.

No soup (fahrvergnügen) for you:

What solutions do you have so we all enjoy the ride more?