I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched my Bavarian 84-year-old mom strike up a conversation with strangers at the park, public transportation, or store. Mom’s been living with us since last Thanksgiving in this pandemic and I’ve come to realize her “gift of gab” may not be a gift at all, but simply a habit she’s developed over her 8 decades on Earth.

So, what makes a great conversation? ? That’s the topic of page 111 in my book, “21 Day PR Action Guide: The Who, What, When, and Where to Launch a Successful PR Campaign” workbook. It’s co-written with my business partner, Drew Gerber and as a public service in this pandemic, we’re giving it away at no cost, no opt-in at our media networking site PitchRate.com. Consider, the success of your pitch depends on its target and how that person rates what you’ve said against their own needs. In other words, it’s not just your pitch, it’s who’s listening. In last Friday’s #21DayPRActionGuide challenge call, we talked about this at length. Your success depends on not only what you’re saying but who is listening to what you say. See past free #21DayPRActionGuide Friday PR coaching calls at ?️ Wasabi Publicity’s YouTube channel.

My mom will say about anything to anyone. She’s been living with my husband and me for about a year now and I’ve come to understand, mom just shares what she’s thinking out loud with anyone in earshot. So, when she’s with others at the park or on the bus, they think she’s talking to them and a conversation ensues. Hopefully, you give more preparation to your interviews than this, however, that’s the other thing I’ve witnessed these past 30 years of doing PR: many people do not prepare talking points before their interviews.

In the next Friday call, we’ll focus on what Mark Twain called, “Minimum of sound to a maximum of sense.” Welcome to the wonderful world of sound bites; the true gift to gab.?

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