In a pink pig costume smoking weed, Miley Cyrus hosted the VMA’s and is criticized for glorifying drugs. If you were a nonprofit paying big bucks for advertising during the VMAs to stop smoking, you might criticize too. “It’s a trap!” This is where you need to smoke out the right fight. See, there’s a difference between paid, owned and earned media. Paid is advertising – any message you pay a media venue to say. Owned is your website, social media – anything you own and over which control the message. Earned is the other mentions — the messages for which you beg, enroll and entice. So smoke out your right fight. Don’t blast celebs for their “mentions” when you’re not paying them. Or are you if you’re paying the advertising for the show which pays them? Hmmm, these are the questions that give me a headache.

Other things in the news today giving me a headache are:

Remember, where there’s smoke; there’s fire.

So, get your sound bites, stats, stories and summaries out to media friends. I know you won’t let all that pot glory in the news make you lazy. When you get the munchies, here’s a chicken video caught in traffic. The chicken is in the middle of a custody battle and is now known as “Chip” the Bay Bridge chicken. When we saw this story this morning on headline news, my husband started to hum this chicken commercial we absolutely love. (We have 12 backyard chickens for the organic eggs don’t you know?!)

If chickens don’t make you smile, the Pope buying glasses will. Pass the popcorn.