If you hear someone say, “Oh no she didn’t,” you have an instant news hook. Today, many people are saying that about Kim Davis being compared to Rosa Parks. Let’s take a moment and reflect on that: 1) being jailed for not doing your job according to federal law, 2) versus being jailed for standing up for equal rights. It left me saying, “Uh, no she didn’t.”

Other items in the news today that make me utter, “Oh no she/he didn’t” include:

  1. Tennis star James Blake mistakenly tackled by NYPD;
  2. Apple introduces a stylus over Steve Jobs’ dead body,
  3. NFL streams and let’s off steam from deflategate,
  4. Serena Williams has us on the edge of our seats – even when she competes against her sister,
  5. Journalist fired after trips refugees carrying children and kicks a young girl directly,
  6. Justice Department rules Hillary Clinton law-abiding citizen (and federal employee),
  7. Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina claims popularity increase (when it’s down) after Trump talks about her face.

Oh no he didn’t. So, listen to others today. If you hear the ubiquitous, “Oh no s/he didn’t” start writing your pitch and contact your media friends with your sound bites, stories and tips.