In May, many communities are releasing their shelter-in-place rules. Wasabi Publicity represents thought leaders who are out to make a difference. More than ever, public service and helping each other is what’s needed at this time.

? For Journalists: Here’s a lineup of our current campaigns for May 2020.

? For Experts: Here are some examples of what we’re pitching this month to give you some ideas on angles that you could use.


  1. Is beef in trouble? Are people hoarding rice? Ken LaGrande, is the first CEO to sell rice to China and runs a cow-calf operation on their fifth-generation family farm. He ramped up his rice production 24/7 in the pandemic and can talk about handling extremes in business.
  2. Turn-around business; reviving business from the brink of financial ruin: Domenic Aversa
  3. Pivot, reinventing business with resilience author & speaker, Adam Markel
  4. Protect employees from pandemic stress-induced violence: Reflex Protect® CEO
  5. Brand your Zoom meetings while working at home and why it matters with marketing author, Karen Tiber Leland


  1. Questions prospective college students should ask during Covid-19: Sandra Pham

  2. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day celebrated the last Thursday in April how this year at home can be done at any time #TODASTW
  3. Student-Curated Care Packages deliver connection & more to your college students while they are separated from you: Sending Sun


  1. Hope after COVID19, diversity and tolerance training in the workplace and indigenous leader prophecy with a corporate trainer and author: Dr. Anita Sanchez
  2. Did illegal poaching cause the pandemic with biologist Dr. Nicole Benjamin-Fink
  3. Zen pilot charity mission flight between poles using biofuels, Robert DeLaurentis who was stuck in Spain during shelter-in-place — had to move 3 times in one month

FAMILY ?‍?‍?

  1. Stuck at home with the wrong people? Diffuse arguments with one word with communication and personal development experts at Landmark Worldwide
  2. LGBT news silenced by pandemic? May 7, 2020, Germany banned conversion therapy putting the UK and US to shame. Acceptance, ending conversion therapy in the United States, and tolerance with Born Perfect: Mathew Shurka.


  1. Feeding families and individuals severely impacted by COVID19: United Sikhs
  2. S.O.R.T. your life and succeed with Certified Professional Organizer, Darla DeMorrow while sheltered-in-place
  3. Sending family love while sheltered – augmented reality greeting cards and lamps come alive with pied piper of fun and “good messenger” Veronica Vargas
  4. Self-talk as a prayer during the pandemic? “Spirit Translator,” the daughter of Dr. Ernest Pecci, Diana Cole teaches metaphysics, meditation, empathy, and intuition.


  1. Women more affected during a pandemic? 100th Anniversary of women’s right to vote in the United States 2020 with systems thinking, futurist and thought leader, Kimberly Faith
  2. Meet Mrs. Rogers? Former CIA Executive, Katy McQuaid writes children’s books on kindness, courage, and adventure from the eyes of her dog, Grace. Called “Mrs. Rogers” during pandemic during her daily storybook time on Facebook. From government to story-time. Quite a back-story.


  1. Meditation author Julie Potiker teaches calm in the chaos.
  2. Virtual Businesses Succeeding during a pandemic and Emotional wellbeing with Dr. Bradley Nelson and his 5000 (virtual) practitioners worldwide
  3. Stuck at home with a narcissist? Being self-full™ in relationships with a therapist, Jessica Baum
  4. May is Mental Health Month. Hear from resilience author, speaker, and mother of a mentally ill son, separated during the pandemic: Anne Grady.


  1. Off-grid living with communal, true farm-to-table living. Olivette Riverside Community and Farm are leading the agrihood movement and connecting people with nature, food, and each other.
  2. Create a strong immune system to fight COVID19 with an integrative health expert, Kristin Grayce McGary
  3. What is healthy self-worth when faced with survival? Ask self-worth expert Anne O. Boudreau
  4. Expressing oneself through mask designs with LA furniture designer and author, Tina Nicole


  1. Wall Street is up and down in the pandemic. What’s a financial bunker, time-tested alternative to Wall Street  with Pamela Yellen
  2. Teaching children about money while at home! Financial socialization and family financial wellness with Stephanie Mackara
  3. Is it possible to be at peace with money during a pandemic? Ask Zen millionaire, Ken Honda


  1. A record number of pet adoptions took place during COVID. Hear stories about how pets rescued people (like stressed-out nurses) with, Mutual Rescue
  2. Pet crafts/online adoption during the pandemic with Humane Society Silicon Valley
  3. Making a difference with canine veterans during quarantine: Mission K9


  1. “Peace pilot” Robert DeLaurentis is using biofuels to complete a North to South pole flight. He’s also carrying research for NASA and others, including coronavirus in air particles
  2. How are nonprofits affected in a pandemic? Ask Preserve St. Germain, out to save Paris’ oldest church

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