With the rise and popularity of the Internet, some people may believe that they don’t need to attract the attention of traditional media — television, print and radio — and that they can garner enough exposure by just focusing their efforts online. But here’s the thing: The Internet world can be a very anonymous place, making it a lot harder to establish credibility among potential clients than it is by scoring a placement with a traditional media outlet.

What’s great about a placement on television, radio and in print is that it will typically be cross-promoted online via the news outlet’s website gaining you double exposure. You’re not going to see that landing a placement with an outlet who’s only home is a URL. You’re also not going to see your credibility skyrocket like it would with a television or radio interview.

But once you do score that traditional media placement you can use it in the online world to attract new followers, fans and connections with just a little bit of promotion. People who see you on television, hear you on the radio or read about you in print will know that you have the goods, making it an easy decision for them to seek you out online and learn more about you and what you have to offer.