Creepy clowns are frowned upon and in some communities, banned this year. When I was a children’s entertainer during undergraduate school, I never painted my face. It scared too many preschoolers. As an adult, you know what scares me? Two-faced people. Anyone who knows me personally knows one thing for sure: I speak straight. What you see is what you get and if you ask me what I think, I’ll tell you unfiltered. My dad, bless his heart, asked me what he thought of his baby blue suit in 1986. I told him, “If you want my true assessment, you look nice and your hair grease is dapper, however, I think the style today isn’t a polyester leisure suit and so that choice is a bit outdated.” (Yes, I even had my publicist-speak down at age 16.) He was mad at me for a week and I reminded him he told me to always speak my truth. So, in today’s news cycle, I wonder. “Who is telling the truth?”

If you are an expert, write down three soundbites, wrap them neatly in a pitch and share them with your favorite media venues covering the industries important to your work. You never know those producers and writers just might want, “Your truth.”

Remember, though, your truth is in the eye of the beholder. Just like my dad’s baby blue leisure suit. Just like a painted clown face.

So, quite clowning around and get your ‘truth’ to the media with your stats, soundbites, stories and successes.