Have you been missing me? I’ve been on the road and unable to blog for you about news hooks. Don’t worry, it ages you. I’ve got you covered today with some fountain of youth news!

CBS News reports today the world’s oldest woman, age 117, is inviting President Obama to come to her birthday celebration. If you’ve got a lotion, potion, method, service, book or nonprofit related to age and health, now’s your time to tie-in to sweet Gertrude Weaver. What’s her youthful secrets? Pitch media friends how you too can help average Joe and Jane’s live to be a ripe old 100 and invite the world’s free leader to their party.

Last week was my nephew’s birthday. Here is a sweet video of my husband and me singing a birthday tune to him via YouTube. Ian LOVES it when I end sentences with “mmm hmmm.” Take a tip from this easy-to-shoot video. Add visuals to your news pitch on your fountain of youth so the media can see how to incorporate your tips and tools into their storytelling. Given the digital age in which we live, the simple fact is, we just love to see visuals of people, places and things. Turn on that smart phone and get your money’s worth! Show the media you, your services and the miracle of how you’re impacting the world ~ especially if you have before and after photos.

Speaking of health, the Germanwings news story I reported on last week is still going strong. Unfortunately, they believe the co-pilot who is responsible for the crash has suicidal tendencies in the past. If you have experience or specialize in suicide, depression or mental health, tie-in your pitches to media friends with this angle. Remember the news cycle I discussed during my coverage of Germany’s worst plane crash in history? Now, we’re at the stage of trying to make sense of it all.

That’s one extreme of health. Another is vibrant health which is best illustrated today by tennis pro Serena Williams’ win. Any high performing audience would be interested in Serena’s tips and tool to stay healthy and on the top-of-her-game. Mmmm hmmmm.