My dad was a smart man. You don’t even know! (Bonus points for those of you who recognize my comedian Dane Cook hat tip.)

Here’s why. Today Radio Shack is eating crow.

Dad passed in 2004 but today’s news would make his blood boil. Radio Shack is in hot water for reportedly wanting to sell customer data during their bankruptcy proceedings. Dad embarrassed us so many times in the 70’s and 80’s when he refused (to the point of loud arguing) to give his credit card, passport, military ID, or social security number (yes they used to force you to provide this) when presenting a check. I remember leaving a shoe store when dad ‘got into it’ with the salesperson about how much personal information he was going to give them to purchase my Catholic girl school shoes. I was mortified and therefore have been too generous with my personal information.

Dad was a smart man. You don’t even know!

Radio Shack promised me when I bought batteries there they would not sell my personal information. “I can’t sell you anything unless you give us your email, home address and phone number.” So, I gave them my 411. In today’s news, it seems they are going back on their word after all. Cue all the experts in the industries: internet security, identity theft, corporate records, consumer advocacy and marketing. Add, in my case, parenting advice on how to teach children to keep and share proper records. (Thanks, Dad.)

In other news, Germanwings released information this morning that the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane. Media friends will need to hear from health or national security experts as the story unfolds. The past two days, I’ve reported on this story and how you can keep track of the news cycle and help media friends. Right now, no one knows the motivation why the co-pilot crashed the plane, but they do know the pilot was locked out of the cockpit.

Keep praying. It’s a horrible story that’s a reality we have to deal with in our society today. Speaking of prayer, while I was raised Catholic, my great grandmother (on my dad’s side) was Cherokee. As a result, I study Native American religion and even pay attention to animal medicine, as is the teaching in indigenous traditions. This morning, I drew the “crow” animal medicine card which teaches about “law.” It reminds us to honor, “harmony that comes from a peaceful mind, an open heart, a true tongue, a light step, a forgiving nature, and a love for all living creatures. Honor the past as your teacher, honor the present as your creation, and honor the future as your inspiration.” (Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams, St. Martins Press, 1988). This moved me this morning.

This weekend, I’m headed to a retreat with my husband and another couple, two professional athletes we care deeply about. They inspire us every time we spend time with them. You know those types of friends. We’re honored.

Tomorrow I will be in an all day seminar doing the Landmark Forum for the fourth time, specifically creating a powerful future for myself. They also cover the power of keeping one’s word and how making a difference for others can make your life an extraordinary one. You’re included in these goals I have for myself as I post these blog entries with the hopes that your/our conversations and contributions to the media make a profound difference in the stories we share.

Whether our news is uplifting or challenging, it is the story of our lives and we write the beginning, middle and end daily. Look at your experiences and expertise and ask yourself, “How can I contribute to the greater good with the stories I tell today? How will yesterday teach you what to say? Today, how will you create your messages? Will you let tomorrow inspire you?” Then go open your mouth, like Crow, and let people know. Just remember to minimize the times you have to “eat crow.”