Did you see Google’s Doodle to celebrate the 155th Anniversary of the Pony Express? ABC reports on it here. I played it — and it was a lot of fun, actually! All communications, shipping and business professionals can tie-in to this historical news while pitching your favorite media friends. After high school and before college, I worked at UPS in Louisville. Later, in Cincinnati and Lexington, I worked for DHL. Believe me, with those experiences, I would provide some tasty sound bites to media friends. That would not forward any goal of mine, but keep that in mind. Even part time jobs that got you through school can make you media attractive.

Need other ideas to pony up media pitches today?

Well, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio are in presidential hopefuls news. Boko Haram kidnapped 2000 women and girls and we remember its horror. MTV Movie Awards are all a buzz.  Madonna’s making a buzz. Again.

So pick your feed. Then get moving.