Baby … it’s March Madness. So, if you’re a sports expert and if your expertise can help move forward public sports conversations versus just your fantasy leagues, then be sure to let your media contacts know. All this month, they’re looking for great soundbites and stories about people excited about their teams. I grew up in Louisville and was actually assigned in grade school to watch and write about the basketball rivalry between the Cardinals and Wildcats. (I kid you not. These are the things that make up our media and then our education … our lives.) But all those babies in sports onesies aren’t the only babies making the news.

In Utah last week, 18-month-old Lily was found alive in a crashed car despite spending 14 hours there. It’s a miracle and when police and first responders claim they heard an adult voice say, “Help me,” it opens the door to paranormal experts not just medical professionals to speak publicly with the media about this remarkable story.

Media love stories about babies. Unfortunately in today’s fashion news, Dolce & Gabbana is making baby news. Not the kind you’d want, though. Elton John is boycotting the famous designers for making comments condemning in vitro fertilization (IVF) for making “synthetic children,” further saying same-sex couples should not raise children. Calling all IVF experts, gay rights activists and counselors who can cite stats about blended and non-traditional families. Since IVF affects many couples today, not just gay couples, the media is sure to cover this story for a while. It comes on the heels of a fashion show featuring women with baby bumps so fashion experts for the mommy crowd will also have a “shoe-in” (get it?) with the media right now.

If you’re not in love with babies like the media, chances are you’re in love with dogs. Media love stories about our pets as much as they do babies because we love to watch, read and listen to stories about our loved ones, furry or diapered. I bet it has to do with the bonding hormone, oxytocin.  This hormonal news is not new, but an Austrialian study on the subject is. So, if you’re a dog trainer or even a family counselor, now’s the time to get in front of the media to talk about the benefits of why families are better with dogs. Stress relief experts and even those specializing in non-mainstream topics like animal communicators or animal healers (people performing energy work, acupuncture and therapy on animals) have renewed reason to reach out their media friends with this study. It researches whether or not dogs have feelings and turns out that old saying, “Dogs are furry humans,” might have more to it than we first thought. So, gather your most precious dog photos, tips and start contacting your favorite media.

Finally, in Zombie news … chefs have a new pop culture tie-in: Carol’s Cookie Recipe from The Walking Dead. Even if you’re not a zombie fan, you’d be behind-the-times to not know ‘zombie zania’ is everywhere. The BBC reports why. Preppers who specialize in end-of-the-world survival can tie-in to popular TV shows and so can bakers and chefs. In this case, local media would be delighted in learning your zombie recipes like Carols: cookies using applesauce. Afterall, who’s going to have time to make butter when zombies take over? Meanwhile, the lower fat version can be a playful segment or article for your media friends. (Don’t forget to make your dogs a cookie, too!) Happy baking!